How do you call the tip of a shoelace?

How do you call the tip of a shoelace? - Senkels

Tying your shoes? No problem. But what is the end of the shoelace actually called?
While every little child knows some way of tying a shoelace, there are certainly some adults who still don't know what the end of a shoelace is actually called.

The end of a shoelace does have a name

Does the end of the shoelace have a fixed term at all? Or is it one of those things that can be called anything—free of sense and reason?

No. There is actually an extra name for the small piece of plastic or metal at the end of a shoelace, it is called a “needle” or “aglet”. In the case of shoelaces made of synthetic fibres, the “needles” are welded together in a pointy way or glued around with a foil made of plastic. If the end of a shoelace is finished with a piece of metal, it is called “aglet”.

We, at Senkels, focus on offering shoelaces with metal aglets only because their durability is unsurpassed while additionally offering a unique look and feel.

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